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Cultural, Maths, Science,
Sports,Dramatics, Arts


Athletics, Cricket, Badminton,


Rangoli, Dramatics,
Story telling, Singing etc

Other facilities

Library, Computer,Science lab

School Facilities

Tools without Technology and Technology without Tools is good for nothing.In order that the Pupil must develop a wholesome aptitude while studying at S. A. M. Trust’s English Medium Educational Complex, there are certain facilities are provided. From time to time these facilities are regularly provided and upgraded.

Here are some of the facilities being made available for the pupils at our educational hub:

  • KG Facitlities

    Looking the needs of the children of the age between 3-4 years, the school provides a healthy environment for the pupils.The child care at this age very important factor especially when the child has some personal needs for using wash rooms. The attendants take care of this need and the child is properly assisted. There is a good and clean playground including safe water for drinking.


  • Playground.

    Perfectly suited for our students. They are in continous watch by the staff for their safety.
  • Good Environment

    We believe in providing a good environment to students.
  • Classrooms

    Better classroom for the students with lots of educational pictures painted on walls.
  • Educational Activites

    Around the year our students are encouraged to take part in different activities. Like Rangoli, Athletics etc
  • Location

    Situated at center of the town, school is perfect for the families who wants a school near home.
  • Admission & Fees.

    Office is seperately located but still attached to the school. This allows us to manage administration without disturbing the classrooms.
  • Primary / High School

    Many times this up-gradation is required due to change in syllabi or certain technological advance. It is also necessary due to changes in community life patterns and a bit of modernization. The pupil must access itself to information and adapt a strategy to meet the challenges of the times. It is our honest wish to develop the educational systems so that the pupils are helped to adapt to the change in educational systems.
  • LIbrary

    We have more than thousand of books to choose from. Students have dedicated hour in school to visit library.
  • Acitivity Hall

    Separate activity hall for the students.
  • Science Lab

    Science lab with all necessary equipments for students.
  • Computer Lab

    Modern computer lab equipped with more than 30 computers.
  • Playground

    Sufficient play grounds where all the outdoor activities can be conducted like Athletics, Cricket, Football , Softball etc
  • Other facilities

    • Gymkhana for both Boys and Girls.
    • School Offices for managing day to day school affairs.
    • Safe Drinking water.
    • Sufficient numbers of wash Rooms.
    • Sufficient parking lot.