S.A.M English Medium School

Faith, Love & Honour

  • Faith

    Infuse good values. By teaching students to live a patriotic and secular life, thus making them responsible and worthy citizens of this great nation.

  • Love

    Imparting education to students with love and care,providing every opportunity for their total development.

  • Honour

    Achieving excellence not only in academics but in all other fields as well.

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Cultural, Maths, Science,
Sports,Dramatics, Arts


Athletics, Cricket, Badminton,


Rangoli, Dramatics,
Story telling, Singing etc

Other facilities

Library, Computer,Science lab

S.A.M Students

The S.A.M.English Medium School is recognised as a Quality Education providing institution in the District of Nandurbar since its inception in 1967. It has a precious heritage of a number of students who had outnumbered many in their life and career. Even though this institution is based in a tribal region which is quite backward in Human Resource Building, many students have proved their quality and competitiveness in the world of tough competitions. Our valued students have proved their worth in their career with integration of wisdom and values they have acquired during their studies.

The school has been impacting the students and the community together for a better education and literacy standing. You will find our students now impacting others in all walks of life. In the city we have students who own their shops and business, they have developed their standards because of the English education they have had. There are others who have achieved great success in professional careers.You can find them in the field of Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, other sciences and paramedics in India and outside of India.

S.A.M english medium former student Deepti Jaywant Pol

Deepti Jaywant Pol

the Verve and the Vigour which we had in this school campus is laudable

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S.A.M english medium former student Fahim Kothawala

Fahim Kothawala

The facilities, Teachers, Staff and the school environment are very comfortable.I am very glad to be part of SAM school.

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Suraj Modai BITS PILANI Student

Suraj Modani

The system at my time was helping students to gain further opportunities in future.Above everything this school has given me a lot and I hope it continues to gives a great generation to this nation!

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S.A.M english medium former student Yashwant Prakash Vyas

Yashwant Prakash Vyas

I am glad that I had an opportunity to pursue my school education at S.A.M.

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